Neighbors has done it again

How does he keep reeling in the 4 and 5 star (this time) players. This time a 5* out of Florida with offers it seems from everyone that matters in women’s basketball except UConn.


Success seems to breed more success when it comes to recruiting.

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I don’t keep up with women’s basketball recruiting a lot, but I’ve seen comments indicating we may be in great shape for another 5-star player out of Springfield, Missouri.

Mike Neighbors is really building a program.


I read an article about her recently, and IMO, it sounded like she had made a decision but was not ready to go public. I think she probably is coming to Arkansas, just from her statements in the article.


If he can get them to play defense they should be incredibly good.

Just a little defense! They played defense against Baylor and U Conn last year and won both games. In other games they seemed to be satisfied with trying to out score them! The added height to the roster should change that and make them a better rebounding team.
Man they are always fun to watch play!

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yeah didn’t look like much emphasis on Defense too me either but we will see if these new players can do better.

I was really hoping she would commit during/ after her visit, and I still think she will. Not really sure about the delay, but this would seem to be the perfect place for her. No doubt in my mind that Nabes will have a Final Four team in the next 2 years. Go Hogs!

Nabes is one of the most dynamic guys you’ll ever meet. He has a knack for connecting with whoever he meets.

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