Neighbors gets 5-star

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WPS…Great job

Awesome…congrats to Elauna and Coach Neighbors!

Nice! Can’t wait to move back to NWA to see even more games.

Great news and I hope the young lady has success on the court and in the classroom. It sure makes me feel good to see players from Arkansas stay home!

Great news. I knew me becoming a season ticket holder will bring them huge luck this year. LOL

Absolute stud.

I could tell that when I first saw her play in the ninth grade.

Big get.

Dudley how does she compare with Sasha tha Slasha?

Rox (you once met her in Vegas) says “Stud-Ette”! :grin:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Hey, what happens in Vegas…:sunglasses: