Neighbors announcement expected Monday or Tuesday … ors-women/

I was not aware that he had been quoted as saying we were his dream job. It makes sense though. The Seattle Times is reporting that the buyout is $1 million. His salary at U-Dub is officially $360,000 but he’s been making more than that. I’d figure at least $500K plus the buyout to get him home.

I’ve heard it could be in the $700,000 range.

That wouldn’t shock me. I think Jeff had to get a proven coach this time, and there were two really obvious candidates. We seem to have landed one of them. Vic Schaefer got MSU into the NCAAT in his third year and the NCG in year 5, and MSU has no tradition at all in women’s hoops. Mike got U-Dub into the NCAA in year 2 and the FF in year 3. Which doesn’t mean Mike will get us into the FF, but…

(Side note to those lobbying for hiring some third-rate high school coach: I hope you weren’t really serious. That would have been about like giving the Hog football job to John L Smith on a permanent basis. Or giving it to Scientific Rocket Ford, for that matter. We’d be doomed to the bottom of the SEC and crowds you could count on two hands for the foreseeable future.)