Fans get asked about negative posts by administrators and other posters, yet Wally throws a wet blanket out there in his article . He is as objective as a case of the clap. Hope he works as a volunteer. Should not be paid for this stuff.

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I’ve put a decade behind me avoiding reading _ally _all. Whatever they pay him is too much.


I knew immediately, by the title, who wrote it🤮

I read what I want to read both here and other places. You alone can determine what interests you and makes your day better.

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If I had written a column about the game it probably would’ve been similar.

The D will get gashed big time vs.SEC competition. Ole Miss had 237 on the ground and CS had 220. Some of it is the lack of talent and some is youth. Soli and Williams shouldn’t have to play right now but there’s no choice. Both will be studs in time.

The offense with Starkel has a chance to do some damage in the SEC but the OL will struggle against better competition. If the team wins 5-6 Morris and the staff will have done a great job.

I do agree you can build off the win but there will be more rough times this season too.