Negative vs Positive


A. The Defensive Line is average. This news may not excite many but it is 10 Folds better than last season.

B. The Running Back & Wide Receiver talent is big & fast but lost & young. 90% of the positional talent returns the next 2-3 yrs.

C. Austin Allen is on Pace to throw half as many interceptions as last season. He’s holding back on attempting to make something out of nothing.

D. POTENTIAL is their but the execution is immature.


A. The Offensive Line is under it’s Sophomore Campaign under Anderson and is marginally improved.

B. Austin is still staring down his 1st target while going through his progression’s.

C. Our Recruiting although improved ranks near the bottom of the SEC West which happens to compromise the majority of our schedule EVERY SINGLE YEAR. You can’t expect W’s when you’re opponents have a head start with better talent out of H.S.

D. I’m tired of debating fan’s of Coach Petrino about his past success and if you’re in year (4) struggling to get bowl eligible it only adds 93 Octane to their talking points.

Although I’d say 99% would love nothing more than to win with BB because when we lose it ruins my entire work week!!!

We stink in every area. Including coaching. Why not try hurry up, 4 wideouts, 2 minute offense , ANYTHING