Needed that one badly!

Got to admit I was worried early! Glad to get the win!!!

You and me both, I was at the game tonight, crowd was absolutely out of it first 15 minutes of game, we were ready for them to give us any little thing to cheer for and they did in the second half, it got a little rowdy in there for a bit and our defense was amazing the last 10 minutes of the game.

Blu how big was the crowd? Was it half full? I was there for the Fla game which was the first home conference game and the attendance was disappointing.

Said 13k Tickets bought and 7k scanned. It definitely felt like more than 7k were there, I’ve been there many times during 7k crowds in the non-conference, crowd definitely seemed bigger than that. If someone would have asked me to guess I would have said around 9-10k. Also, it took me forever to get out after the game was over with all the traffic, in a 7k crowd you’re usually out of there pretty quick. So, I’m not sure if people weren’t scanning tickets or what, but that’s the only thing we have to go off of, so we gotta go with that.

Oh I have never seen where the scanned attendance is reported. Where do you find that?

If you view the boxscore sheet it’s on the bottom of that, RD or one of the media guys usually tweets it after that game. It’s also on the Razorback website.

Badly needed for a young team to see success…