Needed Cole’s lead off double

Followed by the HBP. If we can get those 2 runs back here, it will be very very big.

Is this their 4th pitcher?

I think if we can get to 10 we win, if we can plate 11, I think it’ll be a lock.

Could’ve had 1 or 2 more, but at least we got 1 run back in the 4th. Need to hold them scoreless for a while.

Should have got two or three runs Fletcher looks lost

We got 12 now.

Yeah, he’s really struggling at the plate right now, but there can’t be a better fielder in college baseball.

I really like this 10 run lead & still batting with only 1 out in the 5th. I’m finally beginning to relax a little. (That 2 run fiasco where they got on the board raised my blood pressure several points.) I like our chances to get to Omaha.