Need your help, Marty . . .

I hope you can help me with this. First off, I’ll be interested to see if you even get this.

I have tried - twice - to PM one of the folks here on the board. However, the PM shows up in my “Outbox”, not my “Sent” box, even though I composed it as usual, and hit the “submit” button. First attempt was Thursday, but noticed today it had not been “sent” so tried again a few minutes ago. Same result.

Any ideas as to how to get it sent? Haven’t had this problem before.

Just tried PM’ing you, same result. That’s why I’m posting this here.


For others who are wondering, here is my response to Wiz:
[quote]It is not your problem. A message in the Outbox simply means that the recipient has not yet read it. I’ve had messages sit there for weeks (or months). If someone is using a mobile device, they might not ever see the message. You have to know how to look for messages and it is not obvious.

If you will check your outbox now, you should see that I have read your message. :sunglasses: