Need to send in another 5 guys

run out the clock and get on the bus. Moses foul was more flagrant than Dusty and it was bad.

Really embarrassed.

I can understand why Dusty did what he did. Hawkins elbowed him up high (I don’t think it was intentional) and he retaliated (still shouldn’t have done it).

Moses loaded up and took a shot. Hey I understand the frustration, but got to be better than that.

Should be more embarrassed about the officiating. I had no problem with what Dusty did. Sent them a little message, if they were going to call all the ticky tack fouls, he was going to get his money’s worth on at least one of them.

As far as Kingsley, he probably should have let the play go, game was over then. But, It looked worse than what it was because he lowered him arms down and it ended up on Fox’s face. It was just out of frustration, he wasn’t trying to hurt him or anything. I’ve seen much harder fouls in the NBA playoffs every single year. The refs did the right thing, and just got him outta there.


They are just better (and we can play better too).

I agree mostly but you might be letting the fact the announcers and fans freaked out color your opinion.

Was it a hard foul? Yes. Was it intentional? Yes. Was it flagrant? Yes.

Bd when have you ever seen anyone ejected for mostly jumping straight up? He didn’t punch him or elbow him or clothesline him. He jumped mostly straight up and hit him mid air.

It was no harder than Fox’s drive when he initiated contact with Barford, one of the strongest guys in the league 30 feet.

Can you point out in my post where I said officiating beat us? I actually said in another thread, the officiating was bad but were made critical mistakes that cost us the game.

You can be upset about the flagrant fouls all you want. But, in the heat of the game when you’ve worked hard for something and there’s been a clear bias in the officiating, most people are going to get a little frustrated. None of our players tried to hurt anyone and nothing was malicious. I listen to Shaq and those guys talk on TNT all the time. And one of the things they say when a guard is constantly getting in the lane get a hard foul on them and make them think twice before coming to the lane again. Maybe we should have got rough with them sooner, because if we sneezed on them when the drove the ball it was a foul. Yet, Barford, Macon, and Hannahs we’re driving all game and we couldn’t buy a foul. It takes a lot for CMA to get emotional, many posters have pointed that out, and he was even yelling at the refs this was BS.

Nah Moses knew what he was doing. He brought both arms down and brought the wood. I’ve watched him for 4 years - that was a first.

CMA also called the Hannahs foul BS. I’ve seen other players do that this year with no call, including KY. Moses, well Moses deserved a foul.

LOL, again who said Moses didn’t know what he was doing? I said that was a hard frustration foul. Probably shouldn’t have done it. It was risky. But, I’m not going to vilify the guy for it. Like I said, I watch a lot of NBA games, happens all the time especially in the playoffs. All time NBA greats, players who everybody loves, admit they committed hard fouls to send a message. That’s what Kingsley did, he wasn’t trying to hurt the kid. That’s what I would have a problem with, if he was TRYING to hurt someone, which he wasn’t. He may have done Fox a favor and gave him a preview of what he’s in store for next year, because if he thinks guys like Demarcus Cousins, Marc Gasol, Dwight Howard, etc. are going to just let him in the lane whenever he wants, he’s going to be in for a rude awakening, he’s going to get fouled much harder than what Kingsley did.