Need to only play 8 guys

Macon and barford have to be on the court 33 to 34 minutes a game. Beard Gafford and Thomas need to start. Hall CJ and Thompson and that’s it rest of these guys couldn’t throw it in the ocean. The starting lineup he puts out there really only has barford that is a real scoring threat hall is getting better Gafford still other than dunks is a long ways away with his post moves. You can’t spot a team 10 points early in the game because we have no offense we have to have our five best offense of players on the floor most of the game but we have no shot. Don’t tell me anything about conditioning run the hell out of them till they get in shape … =400987329

I just think macon and Barford need to be out there most all the time for offensive reasons

I’m worried the refs have been letting the play fairly loose. I’m afraid the last 3-4 minutes they’ll start calling everything

Need I say more about why macon why he need to be on the floor as much as possible. Glad we sat Bailey and Cook too.