Need to go well over a million and lock Enos down

Or I’m afraid what some of the bigs pay coordinators may look attractive and they come calling.

Would love to see Arkansas at top of pay scale for top coordinators

Don’t disagree with locking DE down, but what I would fear is not a raid from another school seeking an OC, but somebody wanting to make him a head coach again.

Good point. Hopefully beefing up his compensation to top coordinator status in SEC keeps him here a little longer and not as inclined to take mid size job instead wait for a major player.

We need to do whatever it takes to keep him from another coord. type job. Can’t keep him from a good HC job, but cannot lose him as another assistant.

The guy is just flat out good. … extension/

Arkansas Coach Bret Bielema said Georgia Coach Kirby Smart contacted him to ask for permission to interview Enos. However, when informed that Enos’ contract included a “non-compete” clause with other SEC schools, Smart backed off and hired former Arkansas offensive coordinator Jim Chaney away from Pittsburgh.

Non competes are good but top SEC money as assistant may go farther towards keeping him. There are big programs outside SEC willing to drop some money on top guys as well.

Would love for us to show top coordinator dollars and be a destination program.

I’d love to lock Enos up, maybe with a big raise and a 3 yr contract with a large buy-out. I’d then like to offer Orgeron his first DC position, with the caveat that he will also have to be a primary recruiter.

Yes. Looking for my like button