Need the pen to come through now

I was hoping to at least get through five with Kacey. Loseke pitched well against them in April but that also means they’ve seen him before.

I’m surprised that Loseke’s in the game. I thought they might go Reindl since Tech had seen Loseke so much in the earlier meeting.

Maybe Loseke is in their head

They can’t be too confident against him

Loseske pitched great. That’s why us fans don’t make pitching changes.

We can’t complain about the pitching! In a way it’s good Murphy didn’t get his pitch count up any higher. He will be ready in a few days. Loeske just gets it done and it looks effort less at times. TT only runs came from a strike out where the ball gets away from Koch and a walk. Then a double. That’s pretty good through 8 innings. Matt Cronnin needed some work too!

Oh I was hoping we would throw loeske because they were not even competitive against him the first time and he blew them away again today the way Reindl threw in the Super Regionals I would have been scared to death to put him out there.

I wasn’t trying to question the move to Loseke because I know who the coach is and trust him immensely. (It doesn’t matter if I didn’t; he’s still the coach! lol!) I was just surprised. Also, we’re going to need Reindl at some point, most likely. Would like to get him work in the CWS. I just think he had a bad outing in the Super Regional and feel he’ll be alright if and when his opportunity comes. But Loseke was undoubtedly the right pitcher for the job and I’m relieved with a big second win.