need some insurance runs here

should have got that run in last inning.need 1-2 to feel comfortable.

This is the inning to do it.

Heston couldn’t lay off the high heat. That’s not a good AB for him! At least he is swinging.

ridiculous 2nd and 3rd 1 out and don’t score…playing with fire not getting 2 more runs the last 2 innings…Kjerstad trying to hit 500 ft all we needed was contact.

HK had a bad night tonight both at bat & in the OF. Seems like he went through a hitting slump last year. Of course, one bad game does not a slump make. He sure came through last night.

Oh yeah Kjerstad has those games where he has a Hole in his bat but tomorrow is a new day and he will have to be ready for their tough LH.