Need See Big Recruiting Wins in Texas

After the 2 big wins over their 2 big brands in Texas. I expect to see this pay dividends some this year but definitely open some recruiting doors down there for the next two recruiting classes. I bet our coaches will capitalize on these wins.

One other comment…we need some more like Tre Williams. Almost unblockable edge rusher that also is a run stopper.

Keeping winning and recruiting baby!


It’s probably too late for this recruiting class but it may pay dividends in the 2023 class and beyond. We have one commit in Texas so far, by the way. I would hope that our success would make us very attractive in the portal to guys like, yes, Tre Williams.


While the 2022 class appears full (ish), I do expect the staff to kick the tires on elite prospects who might have dismissed the Hogs earlier. Those three spots remaining (I may have lost count, too!) would look good filled by Top 250 DL, for example. Let transfers replace transfers (if that new rule takes effect).

Yes, I think immediate help in 2023 is necessary, but they might find that immediate help in a HS player, not just a transfer player with 1-2 years left to play.

They may expand the signing class to let you replace people you lose to the portal, but that’s only if you lose people. And it wouldn’t go beyond 32 new players in any event. I’m sure some people who are buried on our bench might leave, and maybe some who aren’t (like Tre Williams at Misery).

We may get someone presently committed elsewhere to reconsider. We are down to just a few positions to fill, so this season may up that win percentage a little. Don’t see us backing off on any committments. Sam is just not that kind of coach. I like it. Next year, I expect to like it even more, bigtime. :slight_smile:

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We have 18 commits now. I’m not sure if we have room to take more than 25 even if they allow that to cover portal losses; you still can’t go over 85 this time.
There are 22 seniors, redshirt seniors and super seniors on the roster. A couple might be able to come back if Sam can fit them in.

Only way I see them backing off of any commitment would be academics and I’m not aware of any being at risk.

Sometimes a staff will take a kid needing work in the class room and tell the kid he needs a good first semester in order to keep his spot.

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