Need insider confirmation on recruiting

If the Razorbacks do decide to hire Muss, can we get confirmation on this article. Specifically the section of Muss and his recruiting. I cant imagine that will work here at Arkansas and in the SEC. If it is just made up no problems but I would be interested if it is true. … at-nevada/

He convinced the #16 player in the country to go to Nevada… he can’t be that bad.

There have been other post questioning his recruiting ability. Others have said different. I will support him and hope he wins, but frankly IF he is a weak recruiter, he will not win. We will just have to wait and see.

exactly recruiting is what gets it done on this stage…If he doesn’t get top recruits he won’t win and Hunter…Nothing good comes from loosing when you have the Basketball Palace of Mid-America watching

I wish you hadn’t posted this. After being depressed about his name linked to Arkansas job, I was beginning to get warmed up for Mussleman.after endorsements from RazorAg and Dudley. But this article is totally opposite of what RazorAg was saying. I don’t know what to make of this.

I just don’t know enough about this guy. I was hoping for a head coach with P5 experience with resume better than Anderson. But if it is him, let’s go and get it done,

I’m all in:

I forgot how to embed the preview.

That linked article read to me like a Mountain West homer trying to convince himself that Muss ain’t leaving. As for the transfer heavy roster, there’s one of those right now in Lubbock.

He’d recruit big time here. He goes with the transfers angle at Nevada because thats how you get high major talent to a mid major school. Excellent strategy really. He’d still do some of that here but would more than likely do with more through the HS route.

And when we talk about needing help for next year, he is also big on grad transfers (two starters this year were GT’s) and already had a visit set up with the UALR guard thats highly coveted.

And in all likelihood, given what MA’s dismissal did to our recruiting (Raymond Hawkins committing to Nate Oats at Bama for instance) and the possible departure of others beyond KES, we may need the grad transfer route right now.

I might be misreading this, but are you suggesting that Hawkins was headed to Arkansas prior to CMA’s firing?

Nevada won nine games the year before he arrived and is 110-34 since he got there.

No matter how you get it done, winning big is the No. 1 thing.

If he gets here, I am sure he would love to have Moses Moody, Chris Moore, Jaylin Williams, Devonta Davis and so on instead of junior college guys.

Per Findlay Prep, he was still intending to visit Arkansas until last Tuesday at 2:30 p.m, the time Coach Anderson was told of his firing

Would he have come here instead of gone with Nate Oats to Alabama or signed with Buffalo? I intend to ask him one day.

We will never know for sure about Hawkins. My concern on him and others was why in the hell couldn’t we at least get a visit during the season. We passed on McBride and then started recruiting jucos. Somebody explain that!

I’ve tried to explain that before.

Arkansas did not have a scholarship going into the season, but knew very likely that it would have Gafford’s.

They wanted and loved Justice Hill and chose him over Isaac McBride.

The next one would have gone to a big guy and they would clear up a spot if it needed to do so.

Eventually they saw the roster was not going to enough and moved to a point where they realized a talent infusion was a must and would sign at least four and figure it out.

McBride blew up in July. That’s when Kansas and others came in and Arkansas offered in August.

I have made it clear I would have offered him early and figured it out.

But no elite schools jumped in until July.

Dudley, my point is you saw his potential and and so did several others. I never ever blamed Mike. His lead recruiter let him down several times over the last couple years but Mike paid for it. JMO.