Need help, seaon tickets in Fayetteville, 2019

I haven’t bought season tickets in Nam in forever, long before the expansion, back when there were no box seats or endzone enclosed seats.

My oldest son will be a frosh at Nam next year, so I need to buy tickets for next season for the other 4 of us. I have NO IDEA where good seats are. me, my wife, our 2 12 year olds (by then).

Please let me know if you have good, or bad, seats so I know where to ask for

thanks in advance for any advice!


My wife and I have two seats in section 107, but right at the edge adjacent to 106. We are about 25 rows up and have enjoyed where we sit. The fun thing about this past year is they moved all the recruits up to where we sit. I got to high five and encourage so many of them this year. Getting to talk to their parents was neat. We are right even with the goal posts. Affordable. 106 would be better, but also more money.

I’ve always thought the best seats in the house were West under the press box and that could be well down towards the goal line if they were available. I’m not saying you can get them. But covered seats are always the bomb! I also like the south end zone seats. Pricey, yes. But you are looking right at the big board. I always like to see the blocking open up. It’s much easier to see how the plays are drawn up and executed (or not). My seat is pretty good. Pretty much 50-yard line first row of the press box. Can’t complain at how I’ve watched college football the last 50 years.

  1. thx for the reply, guys, I really appreciate it

  2. Clay, how do I buy a seat next to you, lol


I agree with Clay…the west side under the overhanging press box is great when it rains. Try not to get on the east side…I have my parents seats and have sat there for 65 years. The sun and heat will wear you out in the early part of the season. The best seats on the east side are section 123. I sit on row 34 on the 50, which is a great place to watch, but am tired of the weather and the ridiculous loud noise of the music. I am thinking of moving inside or moving to the west side.

A couple notes if you haven’t priced tickets in a while: Get your checkbook ready if you want to sit anywhere except the upper deck. You can go to the ticket office website and get a printout of the minimum donation levels for all sections. There is also a minimum donation if you want a parking pass. Club seats are much more expensive than regular seats, but the donation requirement is much less. Good luck! I’ve had tickets since my freshman year in 89 when they were $5 a game for students. Even though the prices have gone up tremendously, I still love being there in person.

Trying to get from Pig Heaven east side to Pig Heaven west between the 30s …anybody have a feel what my chances are? Wonder if these sections were sold out last year?

It’s where I sit, and I really like the seats. I was able to move about ten seats over towards the middle last year, when there were a few more openings than normal, but I am no where close to the 30. Typically the only west side Pig Heaven seats that open up are at the goal line or worse.

What is pig heaven? I once sat with a buddy in a large room with movie seats and a big glass, but you couldn’t hear the crowd. I thought it was Hog Heaven. I’m ready for some shelter.

This will answer some of your questions. … ments.aspx

Those are outdoor chairbacks seats on the first two rows of the upper deck. You walk down a few steps from the main part of the upper deck to reach the seats, which are eight across in a section, with each row divided by a middle aisle. I love the view of the game from my seats, which are on the front row. I do have to remember to hold onto my stuff to avoid bombing anyone in the lower bowl.