Need help identifying BB players

Former players

Trainor posted this, but I don’t recognize some of the guys. Any help?

One of them wearing glasses and taking a selfie is Stephan Moore.

Blake Eddins, biley, Manny Walkens. Short white guy played on the 94 team. Part of the triplets in the back it looks like.

Haydar is by Nolan.

I recognized very few of them. While they were seated at the autograph tables, they had name tags in front of them but the crowd was so thick I couldn’t identify many of them.

Very curious: Who was the older guy with the big white beard?

Older guy with the white beard is Snort (don’t know his real name) Dunn. He’s from Hampton. My wife is from there and knows him.

Carol Dunn? Geez…he goes all the way back to Glen Rose.

Do I recognize Darrell “The Hawk” Hawkins in one of those photos? Definitely one of my All. Time. Favorite. Hogs.

Is that Ron Brewer Sr. In the red hat?

Yes that is Brewer, Sr in the red cap.
Would sure be nice to be able to ID everyone in the pics.