Need help. How do you tell ...

I open “new” posts exclusively, and 95% of the time I avoid those generated in Hawg Lounge. But, just as there are folks that won’t bother to read my posts, I have guys that I avoid also.

When I’m away from the board for any length of time I see sometimes that a new post thread may have several pages on it, but that last poster may be someone I care not to follow. However, Clay, Matt, and/or Jimmy may have contributed to the thread in a major way. Or, it may just have been a two page peeing contest between some of our guys–you know you do that periodically, maybe trashing BP for example.

My question is: without classic thread view, how do you other folks tell who’s contributed to a thread without going through each and every post? What a waste of time that we did not have to put up with in classic view.

OOOoooops–here come the dead horsey.

I use the Unread Posts link all the time. It works well.

If I am on my laptop or on my iPad, I can see who initiated the topic and who made the last post in the thread (right hand column). On my iPhone, all that I can identify is the person who started the topic.

It was a perfectly legitimate question until …

Nice dead horsey, but you haven’t answered my question, m’am.

I can tell who the OP is, just as you can, and I can tell who the last poster is. But, who’s in the middle? That’s a logical question. You could tell in classic view. Without knowing, one has to go through the entire thread. I’m asking if there’s a way; you’ve answered NO, I think. I was hoping you could.

Fred, you can use the unread posts link in a couple of ways. Click on the small red icon in front of the thread name and you will be taken to the first unread post in the thread. The other way is to click on the topic name and then click on the First unread post link just above the thread on the right.

Then you can scroll down to see which posts you would like to read.

Marty, that is what I do and it gets you very close to the old thread approach. Most efficient way to keep up, I recommend it to all.

Note, all new posts automatically go to unread so you don’t miss anything.

OK, lemme try it. Thank you.