Need Ethan to be big today

Williams was key in our win at home over LSU on the glass and defensive presence at the rim. Wadford especially loves the straight line drive to the hoop–Justin will probably be guarding him a lot but rim protection is going to be key

We dodged a bullet w Days missing so many 3s–can’t count on that again.

LSU is a really tough cover

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I agree MD…seems strange to me that Williams can dress out, warm up and sit on the bench but can’t play. I don’t get that.

If Days is hitting his 3 today it will tough on us. Conner will not be able to play in this game much at all.

I really dislike this LSU team. They have zero sportsmanship in them. They talk before the game gets started and talk until they get behind enough to lose. Wade is the biggest cheater in the SEC hands down. He’s on a federal wire tap and nothing has ever been done.

One thing we have in our favor is they play horrible defense. They will play junk zone most of the game. If we get them out of that than we should be in good shape.

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My guess on J Will is that he had a positive test and is out of quarantine but there is a protocol about how soon after a positive test you are allowed to play again (which is why everyone is saying he could play tomorrow but not today)

Lets hope he has the opportunity to play tomorrow!

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