Need Desi Sills and CV to

… find their shooting touch. I foresee Colgate and either TTech/Utah St. faceguarding Moses and daring us to shoot 3’s. Aside from JD, we haven’t had a threat from 3 besides Moses since CV and Sills started slumping.

Can we win without them? Of course. We have been. But WITH them hitting some shots we become an actual Final 4 threat.

JD Notae says , “Hi”. He has been scorching the last four or five games from spot up three.

But I absolutely agree that we need Desi and Connor to show up in the Tournament if we want to make a deep run.

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We need Desi to make open threes and Connor to make open dunks. And everybody needs to not turn the ball over, and make sure Moses, Notae, Jaylin, Devo and Justin get their shots up. We do not need CV to miraculously catch fire from downtown. Now if it’s a blowout runaway win then ya by all means everybody get some shots up to find a rhythm, but by everybody I mean mostly the guys who we want to be shooting in the later rounds. Why can’t everybody just Hope and cheer for a seven footer to get a double double the old fashioned way?? I’m really troubled by all this talk of it’s a great match up for CV to play 30 minutes and take 10 three point attempts. Thankfully fans don’t make the coaching decisions. I’m trusting in Muss big time right now. Anyone want to take an over under bet on CV’s three point attempts today? DM me. I only gamble one month a year. Here we go! Wps

Not gonna bet but my line on that is 3, and I might take the under unless he hits the first one.


Ya I’m hopeful he gets at least 2 in the last 2 minutes of mop up time in a 30 point blow out

I’m gonna give him 1 attempt in the first half and 2 in that second half mop up time. Those numbers could go up if he makes that first one, but I’d much rather him earn more playing time by not being too trigger happy and dominate the boards today

Hogs score 86+ and our starting rotation gets plenty of rest in the second half. Connor has a double double with less than 4 three point attempts and sets a personal record for dunks in a game (No reason not to today!)

JD’s catch-and-shoot numbers from 3 are pretty good the last six games: 11/24, including 5/10 on the left wing. He’s 7/13 on shots after driving the ball, and 3/4 in transition. Need him to continue these trends.

Connor Vanover is 8/21 on catch-and-shoot 3s the last 10 games. He is 3/8 on the left wing, 2/2 from the right wing and 2/5 in the right corner. His two favorite spots are the left wing and top of the key, but I like the looks he gets on the right side of the floor. When Seth and I talked with Simon Gerszberg this week, Vanover was the Arkansas player he was most concerned with outside of Moses Moody. He hits a couple shots and it can be a game changer. He consistently takes good shots. They’ll start to go for him at some point.

I can see Conner sliding to a wing on defense to keep Colgate from getting to their favorite spots to launch threes, with others protecting the middle. That’d take care of one side

This is the time of year Desi gets hot!
I would like to see Conner Vanover rebound and dunk. Once the hogs build a lead if he lets one fly form 3 it won’t bother me. At 7’ the rim is where I like to see him hang out. Just take good shots and get to the charity stripe.

If we make a deep run in the dance, we are going to need some heroes to step up. I believe Desi may be one of those and also look for JD to play a big role in our success.

It’s a given we need both Smith and Moody to play at their best. If we get both Desi and JD going then I like our chances a lot to get to the Elite 8 or beyond.

Should be a very intense game today and I have not felt this way (anxious anticipation) about a basketball game in years…

Also a little worried about our Freshman on the big stage. Need our veteran players to lead the way today (Smith, Desi, Tate and JD)

I like it! Ethan Henderson and CV together. Heck we could cover the spread with our all bigs lineup today with Moses at the point. Jaylen Justin Ethan and Conner. Who is the worst three point defender on the team? Vance? Ethan? Hell let’s go with a trapping Half court zone all day with altenating rotations of all bigS and smallball. Moses plays on both lines for 40 minutes alternating between playing thepoint and the 5. Wps hogs by 40

I specifically mentioned JD!

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