Need advice-Saturday morning in Fayetteville


Awesome idea! I LOVE that trail. Wished we had it when I went to school 40 years ago. Exceptionally well thought out and executed.


Guy, I think we rode ox carts over Highway 71 to get to UA 40 years ago.

Speaking of Highway 71 40 years ago, a story. For some reason the UA golf coach at the time, David Whelchel, wound up working on the basketball stat crew. We played a game at Barton Coliseum one night and some of the stat crew drove back to Fayetteville after the game. Whelchel drove one vehicle, I drove the other. It was one of those nights where it was pea-soup foggy and just above freezing and you weren’t quite sure when the fog was going to start freezing on the road. But Whelchel was driving like a maniac, and for some reason I exercised extremely poor judgment and tried to keep up with him. The visibility was bad enough even without the risk of ice. By the time we got over the mountain I think I was white as a sheet. Somehow we managed not to drive off the side of said mountain, and I never did that again.

Way back when we drove hiway 23 up thru mountains from Ozark. Now that was always an experience both ways in winter.

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