Need Advice on Myrtle Beach…

Going with my wife next month for 3.5 days and need stuff to do. Probably want to play some golf but it’s an off time for the beach as will be cool I think. We are staying in North Myrtle Beach area. I just want to chill away from work. We are going to Charleston for latter part of the week but everything already planned and booked then.

Skip the dirty Myrtle and stay in Chas the entire time. Tell’em @hogmaestro

2009 is right. Charleston is one of the great cities of the world. Myrtle is …ummmm…not.
Myrtle is fine if all you want is a mediocre breakfast buffet with a golf cart delivering you to the first tee. Its also putt putt kingdom.

Charleston is awesome. I would suggest visiting the aircraft carrier there. Also fort Sumpter where the first shots fired during the Civil War. The weather will be warmer there.

Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA are two of my favorite cities in the world. But, I like historic architecture and gigantic Live Oak trees stretching out wide over city parks. The Low Country food is really good, almost New Orleans good. Hilton Head is close for great golf courses. Pawley’s Island is as far north as I would go from Charleston. I can’t wait to go back.

My son works at a Best Western hotel in Pawley’s Island. Don’t know if I’d recommend the hotel, but the night desk guy is awesome!

Seriously, unless you’re planning to do nothing but play golf, there’s not much reason to go to Myrtle. It’s Branson without the hills.

There is a pier on Pawley’s Island where you can buy shrimp caught the night before. Best shrimp I have ever had.

My son’s not much for seafood. Maybe the next time he comes to visit (which happens about once a year) I’ll have him bring me some shrimp.

Last time I was down there was for his birthday. Since he works nights, he sleeps during the day, so I played 18 holes while he was asleep and then went to his apartment.

Played Arrowhead and loved the course. Not a lot to do but golf but close enough to go other places

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