Need advice on Kansas City

We plan on spending several days in Kansas City as we make our way from Fayetteville to Omaha. The Royals are at home and we want to see Benintendi play. We’d appreciate any recommendations for hotels (preferably Marriott properties), restaurants, and other things to see/do in the area. We also plan to return in November for the basketball tournament which will be held in downtown, so I’m looking for the same type of information in that area. My Dad was a scout for the Royals for several years and I fondly remember his trip reports when they went to K. C. to see the Royals play. This was more than 30 years ago, so I know things have changed.

We usually go to KC at least once a year, and it’s often for a dance competition at the convention center. There is a combo Courtyard/Residence Inn right beside the convention center, and it’s always been nice. It’s also just a couple blocks from the Power & Light District, with easy access to lots of restaurants via foot or tram. However, I believe there are other options closer to the baseball stadium.

Please make time to see the Negro League Museum. It’s not just a baseball experience at the end of the day. It is a special well-done place.

And there are soooooooo many great BBQ places. Try Strouds as well for more traditional food.

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My son is living there now, going to dental school. We’ve visited several times this last year so a few comments:

  1. Power and light district is fun if COVID restrictions are off, as I think they are now. Lots of restaurants and outdoor seating down there in this area of downtown, with outdoor music or big screens to watch sports. Several downtown hotels right off the tram that take you to P&L district and to other downtown attractions.
  2. See the World War 1 museum…very good.
  3. Try Q39 BBQ in Kansas City and get the burnt ends(sandwich or platter)…you can thank me later. As previously poster stated, there are many great BBQ places up there but Q39 is our fav.
  4. Country Club area is nice outdoor shopping and lots of good eats as well.

The director of the Museum was on during the broadcast of Monday night game on ESPN (at least I think that was when it was) and that was the first time I became aware of it. We will definitely add it to our itinerary. Thanks for the suggestion.

The Courtyard/Residence Inn combo was on our list to research. We will probably stay in that area for the basketball tournament in November. Thanks for the suggestion.

I hope the COVID restrictions are off. I need to do some research on the P&L district. We are definitely interested in the WWI Museum. The Country Club area is where we are thinking about because it it close to Kauffman Stadium. We’ll definitely give Q39 a try!

Another idea if it’s open…Truman Presidential library. It’s been closed the last few trips up there bc of COVID. It’s on our to do list next time.

Co-sign on the Negro League Museum. The same building houses a wonderful KC music museum.

BBQ place down in the refurbished downtown district - Jack Stacks - was our favorite. And I didn’t feel unsafe. Several fine restaurants in that area.

Hereford House for steaks/fine dining, but my son and I went in following a baseball tournament and were seated and treated like royalty. Great steaks.

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