Need a new Coach ASAP! It seems like we are about

to get into bind with the early signing period, Ole Miss opening

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Even though we are the bottom right now, ours is a better gig than either Ole Miss or Missouri.

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I would think if our candidates are involved in games this week-end it will be Sunday before an announcement is made.

AR been in the hunt before OM & Mizzu.
Advantage AR

Do you really think that gives us any kind of an advantage? Serious question. Not a bash. It concerned me when the other jobs started to open up.

Not unless those schools are willing to pay $5-6M per year which I highly doubt!

When have we ever paid that much. I am guessing we will be in the 3.5-4 million tops. Close to both of our conference competition

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I think we have a higher ceiling than 3-4 mil a year for the right coach depending on buy outs. Plus Hunter has been on this for a minute making the pitch. If it were Jeff Long still involved maybe a different story.
We will know soon.