Need a lead with 3 minutes left

What do y’all think?

I really believe this team remains fragile in one possession games. I think we can and will win tonight…but we need a lead with 3 minutes to go. Preferably a two or more possession lead.

May sound like an obvious thing…but we have really struggled in one possession games.

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That’s one way to put it. We suck at shooting, especially free throws. Nobody on our team has ever been accused of being “clutch”. And we can’t keep ball handlers from blowing by us on D. Hopefully that all changes

Nick Smith and Devo are capable of doing those things though. The other guys need to not screw it up with turnovers and fouls, and everybody needs to get rebounds. Let’s go

Nick Smith is definitely “accused of being clutch.” He just hasn’t had the chance to do it in college. Plus…let’s not forget the big shots Devo has made in the clutch.

I think we have plenty of clutch individuals. I am referring to the team as a whole, and our inability to win close ones THIS season.

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At the 3 minute mark to feel comfortable I hope the hogs have a 15 point lead or more. Anything else they could Miss enough free throws to make it to close to call.

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You’re right he has ever been called a clutch player. Just not this year. But he is capable certainly. Just not proven. You have to think that is huge motivation for him. It should be. This was the plan the whole time. Stay healthy and come back to make a name in March. He’s more than capable. Let’s see it!

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Well, here we go :eyes: :popcorn:

Come on Nick Smith LFG

Well, he had the chance to do it tonight.

And he was clutch. :white_check_mark:




Nick was CLUTCH.

And so was Devo.

Two boys from Jacksonville.

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Should be noted that we made our last six FTs.

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