I find it interesting and foretelling for Arkansas that Nebraska hired by many accounts the hottest non-P5 coach in football in Scott Frost and they continue to struggle in the western (easier) division of the big 10.

I have often thought of Nebraska as an Arkansas equivalent in their conference…full state support, remote from deep recruiting bases, etc…

I think we all place too much faith that the right miracle worker will come in and make a team semi-respectable in 2 years. There’s just too many examples of that expectation being a low probability…particularly if you apply it to the SEC West as the battle field.

I’ll make a prediction that just due to the youth on this team, that the next guy will be more successful than the last in the immediate future, but will struggle for a number of years due to another lost recruiting class, and the strength of the SEC West. Short of the implosion we just experienced , we will need a lot of patience in a very impatient world.

P.S. Thanks BOT for the Gus obsession leaving us in the mad scramble that placed Morris in the job. Hopefully this search will be more professional, contemplative and less savior mentality driven.

We will get somebody that we will fire in 5 years. We have not proven you can win consistently here. Someone will have to do it to prove that it can be done at Arkansas post SEC. The hogs have not been consistent winners since the late 80’s. It is going to take a commitment from the entire state, the university leadership, coaches, fans, city of Fayetteville, etc to make this place a winner again. There are many problems here that must be overcome to make the U of A a consistent winner and a destination place for top coaches and athletes.

I think Nebraska has some of the same issues.

Frost would have already been canned if Neb was in the SECW.

Frost has at least 3 real problems, none of which involve being a good coach, which I think he is.

  1. He’s not tom Osborn, see our basketball program for how tough it is to follow a legend. so far only Nolan can handle it, and he was a force of nature!

  2. He’s not in the Big 8, he’s in the Big 10. Osborn had ONE game a year to win. ONE! OU and a bunch of Kansas, Kansas state, Colorado, iowa state. it was guaranteed 10 wins a year.

  3. Osborn was around when relatively few games were on tv, and since he was winning 10 games a year, he was on tv. huge recruiting advantage then, which no longer exists. now they are truly in a cornfield trying to lure talented athletes to play for them. and against a real schedule.

I just don’t know if Nebraska is ever going to be Osborne’s Nebraska again, unless they find another legendary coach.


Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, and Wisconsin are his western division opponents. Its not the big eight, but its not tons better.

Without looking at the Nebraska roster, I am going to assume it’s harder to recruit Texas since they don’t play in front of Momma a few times a year.

I count five Texas kids on the NU roster. Nebraska recruited nationally throughout the Osborne era and that has continued, with a lot of kids fromCalifornia and Florida.

CBB used the iowa model of trying to build a strong walk-on program to make-up for the lack of division one players in state. It is tough to compete in the
SEC at the top with 3 stars and walk-on. The obstacles are not as great in the Big 10.

That was a big key to Nebraska…huge walk on program.