Nebraska fans think we’re toxic

according to a BUNCH of whining.

Meanwhile, one of their OFs got rattled by the Hog Pen and flipped them off in the early game.

This should be fun.

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That would be Mojo Hagge.

And the Hogpen is showing him no mercy.

Noland pitched well, but we need to get a bunch of runs fast.

And another lead off out. I’m afraid the handwriting is on the wall for this game. I just hope we can come back tomorrow.

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And they may just get the last laugh. We sure haven’t been able to touch their pitching in two games. Hopefully that changes tomorrow

True, sadly. Eleven free bases aided greatly in our win. They gifted us two runs tonight, but we needed more freebies from them since their SS/Closer delivered and we managed one hit. Hard to stare the do or stay home in the face but that’s where we are now. Should be an interesting game.

This has now come down to a three game home series with Nebraska. The Hogs haven’t lost a three games series this season at home or on the road which I would normally think should give our fans, players and coaches a boost of confidence headed into this elimination game.
I hope that will be the case and the kids don’t press too hard and allow the pressure of this game get in their heads.
On the one hand you have the Home team which has been ranked #1 for the majority of the season playing to validate that ranking and move on n the tournament as expected. While on the other hand you have Nebraska from the Big10 conference which isn’t perceived to be on par to the SEC baseball programs playing with house money today.
Unfortunately, the pressure on this game is squarely on our Razorbacks. Hopefully, they will be up to the pressure of the moment and take care of its business.

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