Nebraska at Arkansas Regional

It’s 74 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #RoadToOmaha

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Their Pitcher stats… ERA is 4…74 IP 78 Hits 58 K 16 BB,teams hitting .268 off him…He throws strikes,Not a lot of K’s means we probably going to see a lot of offspeed. Need Wick to be super on tonight and give 6-7.


Love it!

Love it Marty! WPS

Each game we seem to have a different player step up and be excellent in big moments and change the game. I think its time that player be Matt Goodheart. I got my fingers crossed he has a big game tonight.

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Hey ya’ll

Is the game in delay?

Just started

That would be nice.

get the ball down Wick!

Walks and errors. Here we go.

Don’t get too worried yet! It’s all good!

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I need to simmer down,

The walk and 2 full count aren’t a good sign also throwing 23 pitches in the first inning isn’t a good sign either. He may not go more than 4 innings at this pace.

Looks like it’s gonna be a tight strike zone.

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Your not alone

But this is following a familiar story line

It does drive you a little crazy how dangerous these Hogs play

But hay

They don’t quit and just find ways to win

Hoping they do it again

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Goodheart solo homer to lead off


Goodheart!!! Had a feeling!!