ND kickoff time

And that’s 2:30 kickoff if you’re in South Bend for the game.

No matter the time of the game I just hope this new Staff and players can go to Notre Dame and compete for four quarters.
Obviously, we would all love to shock the world and win this game and that would be shocking considering where our program is at this time compared to theirs.
So, saying we take a loss to them this year at least show fight and toughness for four quarters and perhaps by the time the return game comes to Fayetteville we will have progressed to the point to beat them.

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Notre Dame will be coming off a bye week. They play Navy in Dublin, Ireland on the 29th in a sort of kickoff game, and take Labor Day weekend off.

call me crazy but a bye Week that early May really bode well for us.
I garuntee you it doesn’t mean near as much as it would if we were like USC or someone else they consider a rival

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