ND-Georgia very funny/clever...

This is a spoof on all the ND fans selling their tickets for last weekend’s game to UGA fans. There apparently was a ton of red and black in stands in South Bend.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsPrDwf … e=youtu.be

Nicely done.

It looked like a bowl game on TV; colors in the stands split about 50-50. The Georgia fans made a full weekend out of it. They went to the Cubs game on Friday and the Falcons-Bears game on Sunday. There were several who were stranded in Chicago for another couple of days because their flights back into Atlanta were canceled due to Irma.

Notre Dame Stadium reminds me of the Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington. It’s a destination trip for opposing fans. People buy season tickets just to sell them for double the face value. That’s why I don’t think Arkansas fans will have any trouble getting tickets to the game in South Bend in a few years, so long as they’re willing to pay.

Had a friend travel from Austin the south Bend last year for the UT/ND game. He was told by a friend who lived in South Bend for years to not worry about a ticket because there was no doubt he would get one because ND fans are notorious for not going to games and selling their tickets. He went and took his son and two other friends went with them…none having tickets. He said he could not believe how easy it was to buy four together at the stadium.