ND and Clemson are 8-4/9-3 tops playing SEC Schedule

If SEC doesn’t get two in, why does anyone play in SEC and why does SEC not withdraw from NCAA?

I’m kidding of course.

But we are rewarding teams that get to rest their best until they have to play in December. Nice problem to have.

You might be right on Notre Dame, but I think Clemson would beat up on most SEC teams just like they beat up on the ACC. The Tigers are 2-0 against the SEC this year and have won eight of the past 10 against the SEC, with the only losses coming to Alabama in the playoffs. When you have line play like Clemson does, it translates to any conference.

True Matt, Clemson has the talent & good coaches when preparing for a SEC or any teams on an occasional basis. However I don’t think they could romp thru an SEC schedule unscathed. Bouncing between 1 & 2 losses per year.

ND would get their butts kicked in the SEC.

I agree completely with Matt. Notre Dame is good, but I’m not sure they are great. They did the work this year, so let them in. But Clemson has proven itself against the best in the recent past. The ACC might not be as strong as they have been, but Clemson is.