NCAAT — Fantastic

Is there anything in sports better than the NCAAT?

FDU beating Purdue? You kidding me? And especially when the Hogs are still alive? Such greatness.


There’s still time on the clock. I hope FDU pulls it off.

was first

Down goes Puke…63-58

Spectacle! Love it.

You sir posted it first!

I loved the play by play guy channeling his inner Al Michaels Olypmic great line with FDU letters

“F…D…You believe it?”

Very cool

Yes very cool!

NOW does this help Kansas to get fired up more? Just a thought!

It was painful to watch Puke play…

On the ESPN bracket challenge, every single bracket is busted. Nobody has a perfect bracket left after 28 games of the first round. That’s 0 out of 20 million brackets.

Really weird note: FDU got into the tournament without even winning its conference tournament. Merrimack won it, but is a new D-I school and thus ineligible for the tournament. So FDU got in by winning the conference semifinal, essentially, then beat Texas Southern Wednesday night.

One more note: FDU is the smallest D-I team in the country. Average height 6-3.


As it’s only the logical way it could be.

Can this motivate Kansas?

It may motivate the Hogs, if a #16 seed can beat a #1, a # 8 seed can beat #1


My bracket is perfect. 0 for 0.

I just could not see straight to do one.

Kansas should be scared, Mike.

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Hoop heaven. My family recently streamed with u tube tv. They have a feature with four games streaming at same time. Awesome

yes, Nice feature - watch four, pick one, then back to four. Saves trying to find the channels.

Aloha Clay,
Didn’t you earlier state you would like to be in the same bracket as Purdue because you could see they were over rated?
UA…Campus of Champions


And our University and US Reed helped make the modern NCAA Tournament what it is today. Pretty cool.


There will be a lot more upsets in this tournament to come… including the Hogs. Late night favorite, One Cent Penny throwing a bottle of water the length of the bench when a FIU player drove in the middle and hit a shot to beat Memphis.

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