NCAA Women's Soccer Tourney Scores of Interest (Round of 32)

Unseeded Alabama lost to 4 Seed BYU, 4-1.

4 of 7 SEC Teams now eliminated.

Unseeded South Carolina defeated Unseeded Hofstra, 3-0.

USC first SEC Team into the Sweet 16.

3 Seed Tennessee defeated Unseeded Washington State, 2-0.

2 SEC Teams now into the Sweet 16.

Tennessee plays the Wake Forest-Michigan winner. Michigan is the host team for that pod.

Chickens get the SoCal-Penn State winner. SoCal is the host team. Could be USCe vs USCw.

TCU and Princeton are in double OT now. The winner gets the Rutgers-Saint Louis winner on Rutgers’ field. The winner of that pod plays the winner of the Fayetteville pod.

4 Seed TCU defeated Unseeded Princeton, 3-2 (2OT).

As Swine indicated, TCU is in our quadrant.

SoCal got to host because the Chickens knocked off 2 seed UNC.

Georgetown also got to host because UC-Irvine dumped UCLA, but it didn’t help the Hoyas much. Santa Clara, the defending NC (and host of the College Cup in two weeks), beat GU 2-1 in OT this afternoon to return to the Sweet 16.

mostly live coverage:

the bracket which does get updated as soon as it happens:

I am wathcing Purdue v ND and they are getting to play with a lot of contact, much like tournament BB or Stanley Cup is allowed to do. That could equalize our speed. Field looks good and fast.

1-1 with 5 minutes in first half. They had to share the same plane coming to XNA, wonder if they are staying same hotel?

both teams are tired and ref is not protecting anything, hard fouls are common with lots of kids ending up on ground. Each team has one dangerous goal scorer, but lots of coverage on them.

no matter which team we get, it will be a good match for us. They play at Big 10 speed in the days of Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. Not nearly as motivated or inspired as expected for 3 minuts left in a tie game

OT and neither team is physically ready.

ND got 3 posts on one play and Purdue got one cross bar, not much else that was a threat in the second.

Well, that will certainly help with not having to defend so many of those inevitable, speedy counters.

OTOH, I’ve seen our ladies get rather frustrated (and at times, fatigued) repeatedly attacking a slower team that just parks the bus at the 18.

If there is one position of superiority to us then it is the Purdue GK, she is tall and athletic and good at position. It is getting colder and some cramps have been more severe, but the speed of the game is sooo slow compared to our speed of play. PK’s to decide who we get

ND outshot Purdue 2:1 and got their only goal off a free kick that hit the post and then Purdue GK back to a deflected finish

ND 4-3 on PK, both G made saves. I’d love for either to hit the portal and head to Fayetteville, but we get ND after they came back after an early save by Purdue in the penalty kick round. Last 2 kicks saved by ND G.

Well, Notre Dame will get a few more hours of rest before Sunday, but at least they played a physical, extra 20 … and endured the emotional stress of PKs. :smirk:

Hoping our match has lots less drama. :crossed_fingers:

1 Seed Rutgers defeated Unseeded Saint Louis, 4-0.

Rutgers is in our quadrant, so 4 Seed TCU (on Sunday) is our last hope of knocking them off … paving the way for Arkansas to host all the way to the College Cup (Final Four).

Round 2 Final Thoughts…

11 National Seeds into the Sweet 16.

3 SEC teams into the Sweet 16.

This is the 3rd time ever in program history to reach the Sweet 16. (Have never made it to the Elite 8.) But this time we’re playing at home! :grin:

Next match is 2 Seed Hogs vs. 3 Seed Notre Dame, Sunday at 4:30 CST.

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