NCAA women's golf at Ann Arbor, day 3

Hogs begin the day in third place, 16 shots ahead of fifth place Washington. The top four teams after today’s round advance to nationals in Scottsdale, AZ. Hogs are paired with first place Virginia and second place San Jose State in the final round and tee off beginning at 8:06 am Central.

UVa is +7, SJS is +10, Hogs are +14, host Michigan is fourth at +26, U-Dub is +30 and Virginia Tech and Ohio State are +35. Those are pretty much the only teams with a shot at advancing, and VT/tOSU would have to go real low and get some help. Meanwhile, with a good day we have a decent chance to win the regional (not that it really matters; finishing fourth or better is what you need).

Hogs’ Ela Anacona is in third place in the individual race, three shots out of first. She is paired with the two women ahead of her, one from SJS and one from UVa.

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Hogs are +1 so far, which is more than adequate. Of interest is that Washington is no longer in fifth place. Pepperdine is, and the Waves are 21 shots behind the Hogs. Washington currently has the worst score of any of the 12 teams, which is not a good way to advance to the national tournament.

Front nine is not going well. Only one birdie for the entire team and we’ve counting a +4 at this point. Still in third, four shots ahead of Michigan and 9 shots ahead of VT, but it’s starting to get uncomfortable.

Vtech is going to post a number that is going to be hard to beat unless the ladies start making a birdie or two

VTech is only -3. It’s not like they’re all going out shooting 67s today, and they’re running out of holes. But we gotta make some more pars.

It’s starting to get tight. VT is almost done at +32 with one girl still on the course. But we’re stacking bogeys on top of double bogeys. We’re at +26 and counting a +6 score today because we also have a +7. Still in third, one shot ahead of Michigan. Our girls are on holes 11-14. And we’re up to two birdies for the day.

OK. VT is done at +31. We’re at +27, with five doubles and three birdies. Michigan is +28.

Stay ahead of Michigan, and we’re okay, even if we both fall behind the Hokies. But some people need to start making pars.

Michigan finished at +28. We got a bird and are at +26, playing holes 14-17.

VT shot 23 strokes better today than they did either of the first two rounds. In fact they had the best team round of the tournament by 10 full shots.

4 scores left to post cannot be worse than Plus 2

Two holes left to play, two shots to spare. If nobody makes a triple, we’re in,

By the way, the UM Golf Course was designed by some guy named Alister McKenzie. You might have heard of another one of his designs: Augusta National.

Anacona is last player on the course, playing 18. If she doesn’t triple-bogey, we’re in.

Aaannnnddd … she made a par. We tied Michigan for third, three shots ahead of VT. Going to Scottsdale. Fortunately Hogs settled down and played solid golf on the back nine after going +11 on the front nine,

I made the mistake of looking up the UM course scorecard. There is a big lake in front of the 18th green, Fortunately I don’t think any of our girls drowned one today.

Here is Tom Murphy’s rundown of the day:

Other SEC teams:
Vandy, Bama and TAM all qualified out of Vandy’s regional.
LSU qualified in the Stanford regional, Kentucky did not.
Auburn qualified at Okie Lite
Georgia qualified at Albuquerque, Florida missed by 1 shot
Moo U and the Poultry qualified at Tallahassee. The Rebnecks did not, so their reign as national champions is over.

So of the 24 teams in the NCAAT, 9 are from the SEC.

The lowest ranked team to make the NCAAT was #37 Northwestern, which won a playoff with Purdue to advance from the Stanford regional. The ACC only advanced three teams; Dook was not one of them.

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