NCAA volleyball vs Oregon

Just started on ESPN+. Score is 3-2 Hogs early in the first set.

Ducks had a home hoops game this afternoon, then they converted over for volleyball.

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Hogs dominated the first set at the net and win the set 25-19. Announcers pointed out Hogs haven’r dropped a set since Nov. 6 against Georgia.


Oregon went on a 9-0 run midway through the second set and held on for a 25-20 set win. Tied at 1 set each.

Hogs jumped out 5-0 in the third set but Ducks took control and won the third set 25-18. 2 sets to 1

Fourth set was a blowout: Ducks 25-9. Oregon won 3 sets to 1. Season over.

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