NCAA Transformation Committee makes recommendations

For Division I. Several biggies:

  • All D-I sports that have more than 200 participating schools should aim for including at least 25 percent of participating schools in the postseason. That would push March Madness of both flavors up over 90 teams. Changes would need to be approved by January 2024 to be implemented for the 2024-25 academic year. (I posted about this a few weeks ago. A 96-team format with 32 byes would be clean and not extend the tournament any farther; play 32 games instead of four during the current First Four period). The hoops committee will make an initial review by June and final recommendation by January.

  • Each D-I sport should have a sports specific management committee which would have decision making power and the ability to implement those decisions quickly without bureaucratic delays.

  • All D-I schools should provide medical insurance for athletic-related njuries for at least two years following the end of eligibility or graduation, and cover the costs of finishing a degree for all full-ride athletes within 10 years of leaving school.

  • FBS should reconsider its current requirement of averaging 15,000 in home attendance at least once every two years.

  • The minimum sport requirement for D-1 (currently 14 IIRC) should be reviewed in the near future, including not counting a sport unless the school is meeting financial commitment requirements. This seems to be aimed at some of the have-nots who aren’t anywhere near the scholarship limits in minor sports.

The transformation committee is co-chaired by Greg Sankey and our own Julie Cromer (yes, the one who hired Left Lane).

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