NCAA tourney or no?

Still a lock?

Yes. Why is this even a question?

Lock to play in the SEC tournament. As far as the dance goes they sure don’t look like they deserve it.

Just a simple question on a message board. Thanks for your reassurance. Since you’re sure, what seed and who will we play in what region. TIA


I don’t think they are a lock but all the metrics folks say they are. I didn’t think they deserved to get in but then I saw the record of some BIG TEN teams that are a lock and I may have changed my stance a little.

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A tourney with 64 teams is not a tourney of the best.

  1. And if we continue this losing streak I’d expect us be in that first four play in. Certainly not best of the best there

19-12? Losing conf record. Used to mean one did not make it. We might benefit from weak play in other conferences this year if some say we are a lock.


If we lose first game of tourney we will be a 10 seed. But if we win a game or two will be a 9 maybe 8 if we win 3. Not sure on region but probably out west if a 10

We’re a lock to go home early if we do make it.

A program with majority history of Arkansas for some almost 50 years should always be expectation of making tournament. I don’t care how we get there but we need to get there.

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Heard on the radio that Lunardi still has us a 9 seed. We must be locked into 9, regardless of hiw many we lose. Lunardi knows.

I see this sort of like how the NBA drafts players on potential rather than a proven commodity,
Arkansas W-L record to many wouldn’t reflect on them being a lock for a bid, but after all of the metrics are mixed into the equation the computers may say that they are.
Eyeball test says that if they do get the at large bid as a 13 loss team they may have a short stay in the Tournament this year.

Yeah, Lunardi’s latest projection (8 p.m.) doesn’t have Arkansas on the bubble. Auburn is one of the last four byes after a home win over Tennessee today. Might be (??) where the Razorbacks would drop were they to lose their first game in the league tournament.

If they don’t control their emotions and attitude they won’t win against Auburn.

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Backing in. I let myself get way to high on the Hogs, again. With all this so called talent I really thought we could get back to the Elite 8. IMO even on this board we have just been blowing smoke on us. 50 years of watching the Hogs and this group has just laid an egg. To this point, albeit things could change.

The team 2 years ago had that smooth play about them, and last years team was a joy to watch! But this years team is Hard to watch. Watch Ricky dribble, and dribble & dribble. And No shooters or somebody that could take over a game. I don’t care what anybody says but that Kid sure did today. We PO’d Ky and they wanted revenge & they got it. Nothing smooth about this team, it’s because we have to work way to hard just to get a simple bucket. A steal and 1 pass to JD last year and it’s an easy 3! NOTHING like that this year, & all year long it’s been that way!

FT’s, just pathetic. NO excuses for college players to shoot like we have the last 5-6 games…


I wish JD had stayed.


Yes, Hogs score mostly off ISO stuff. When that doesn’t work, we get in trouble.


Lets me revise that. I wish we had two players back. We needed JD and Toney on this team.

Don’t understand our ISO offense and lack of cuts on O. We seem to have transition personnel but HC doesn’t seem to like the read and
That kind of ball which can help when traditional or not falling. Come
On guys just make tourney!!!

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