NCAA Tourney here we come!

There’s 3 games this season that kept this team from being listed on the top 16 list
Moo U on the road and the 2 losses to LSU! The non conference schedule did not turn out to be as strong as what it was suppose too! Oklahoma and Minnesota tanking has cost the hog in the #'s.
The hogs need to beat Auburn and Missouri.

The Hogs didn’t lose at MSU, they were robbed blind.

Almost as blatant as USSR beating the USA in basketball
for Gold Medal 1972.

Very true, but every team in the country has bad losses like that and can make that claim. Just look at the teams Moo U has beaten on their home court.

As far as non-conference schedule, we are quite unlucky in that Oklahoma had a long losing streak and Minnesota had a rash of injuries after our win. Also UConn has been a big disappointment. On the flip side, the Tennessee win has turned out better than expected at that time and Oklahoma State has posted some big wins.

I hope that Misstake gets wrecked by UT on Tuesday or Wednesday night. The officiating in this conference is terrible.


I believe we need one more win to clinch it.

[/quote]I agree PJHawg Its always better to be safe than sorry

Saw and wrote last night BPI gave Arkansas a 97 percent chance of getting in, so you’re right on the money.

When you have the ball and a 6 point lead under 2 minutes you have to really screw up to get beat! That is my point. This is also why the hogs haven’t won in Gainesville since Mobey Dick was a minnow. The hogs have been hosed by officials ever since we joined the SEC in every sport! During the 90’s we had enough fire power and defense to overcome the 8-5 stuff. This year the roller coaster has been unreal.
Okie Lite is outside of the RPI top 100!

Great win and a fun game! Good to get another on the road.

I’m satisfied with the results so far but wanting more, of course. Nonetheless, if the Hogs win their last two regular season games, then anybody violently displeased with what this team will have accomplished heading into the postseason had unrealistic expectations. In October, if the basketball gods had an opening offer of 22 wins, 11-7 SEC, and 4-5 on the road in the SEC against this schedule after losing Hannahs, Kingsley, Watkins, and Garland on this roster, I would have taken it immediately. We only won 23 in the regular season last year against a less challenging schedule.