NCAA Tourney here we come!

3 times in 4 years! Feels so good! Glad Coach Anderson came back and put this program back where it needs to be.

Yep. That click sound was the lock snapping together. WPS!!

yeah I think this sealed it for us! just need to kick auburn butt now show them whose the Boss!

Yep, I think we go. I was wrong because I predicted we wouldn’t make it. Fire away. I’ll gladly take the heat. Good work coach and team.

Clutch win for the Hogs. Great effort from the whole team.


I’m not blaming anybody for anything right now, I thought Bama would blow us out, I had us losing this game and winning the last 2. Regardless, it feels good to be safely in the tournament. We can all breath easy now. Any wins from here on out are just icing on the cake.

Have two chances to finish 10-8 or 11-7 in the league. But 9-9 should definitely be enough to lock up a bid.

Let’s get these next 2 and get to 22-9 going into to s e c tourney…

That’s all I want for this program.

Seniors or freshman.

I don’t care.

But Arkansas should always be in NCAA tournament.


Nice win today.

I believe we need one more win to clinch it.

We’re playing for seeding now.

Remember the committee considers tournament games in total conference record

So we haven’t actually assured a non-losing conference record

Good seating is fine, good seeding is even better…

If they get into the tournament this season, it will be three times in four years.

After going only 3 times the previous 13 years.

That’s an accomplishment for our Coach Mike Anderson! He also does his job with integrity! i wouldn’t start planning days off from work yet! 2 conference games left and the SEC tournament. When we hear the Hogs called on selection Sunday we will know which 8-9 seed game were in and which blue blood #1 seed get us for a scobbie snack in an 8-5 matchup.

This team is so close, just cleaning up some of the dumb stuff, the unforced, self inflicted stuff, just cleans up some of it, from being a team that goes to the Dance and makes some noise to a team that goes and makes a racket, makes a scene. D is good.

I believe we need one more win to clinch it.

I’m with you PJ, win at least 1 more, but 2 more before the Conf Tournament would be much more of a comfort zone.
Too many weird things can happen when you’re on or near the bubble.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Can’t tank three in a row to end the season. One more, should do it. Let’s just take care of those War Tigs on Tuesday and end all the suspense. GHG!

Exactly. Congrats to Mike.

Dark days prior hard to explain.

But almost 35 years prior would suggest expectations of NCAA every year.

I appreciate mike getting back to our program standard, and also stand by belief program should always be there.

And mike deserves credit for bringing back to our history.

BPI had them as an 85% chance of getting in before getting a huge quadrant 1 road win, tonight. It’s probably about 95% now.

Because of the quality of teams they have left, their computer numbers would still be very solid even if they lost out.

I’m as paranoid as anyone but the odds are VERY high that they’re gonna make the tournament.

Another win clinches it, I guess, but they’re in very good shape.

They’ll be Top 30 RPI, regardless, and there may have never been be anyone with the resume (Ws as well as computer #s) they will have from a good P5 conference that had not gotten in under the current format.