NCAA Tournament trivia (poll)

Came across this today. Only one of these schools has ever played in the Big Dance. Which one?

  • UCA
  • Tufts
  • Army
  • Grambling
  • Western Illinois

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I’ll post the answer later.

I’ll post it now, UCA

Nope. Bears have never played in the Dance. Of course they’ve only been D-I since 2011. They played in the D-II tournament in 2005, but that ain’t the Dance.

You’re correct, they have been to the NCAAT, but it was Div 2

So that moves to Western Illinois who have NCAAT appearances on their website in 59, 80, 81

Nope. Same deal. WIU was in lower level NCAA tournaments, not the Dance. They joined D-I in 1982.

If you think about it, I would only post this if the answer is pretty weird. But then we’ve eliminated 40% of the possibilities anyway.

60%, Army says they are 1 of four schools who have never been

Grambling says the same,

So it is Tufts (who in the blue hell are they)

Army is also correct. But there are a lot more than four who haven’t. The list I compiled this from shows 47 D-I schools who haven’t been there. Six of the 47 have been playing varsity basketball longer than the Dance has been in existence (1939), including Army.

Sorry, Army actually says one of four original charter members of the NCAA that hasn’t been

Tufts is a D-III school in Boston. But in 1945 they won the New England conference and got an automatic bid, where they lost to NYU in the first round and lost to Kentucky in the regional consolation game. Hogs were also in the '45 tournament and made the Final Four, losing to Okie Lite, which went on to win the natty.

Army was coached by both Bob Knight and Coach K, yet has never made the Dance. Navy has been there 11 times; Air Force 4.

That I can believe.

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