NCAA Tournament seeding in a pandemic year

With the Tournament being held at a central location, it gives opportunity for Tournament seeding to be more “pure” than in years past. Meaning, the ranking of teams by the Committee can then be paired without the consideration of geography. (The overall #1 is paired with the 4th rated #2… and so on).

I’m sure there is usually an attempt to do this, but geography will always play a part in shuffling teams around when setting the final bracket (in a normal year).

I suppose, other than the pecking order of the 8 and 9 seeds (I wouldn’t want to play any of the top 4 teams in the 2nd round, but certainly not Gonzaga), this is probably an academic concept.

Either way, it’s just nice to have order in the college basketball universe restored, where the Razorbacks are concerned.

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Yep! Also as has been pointed out by others, they still will change the “pure order” to keep teams from the same conference from playing each other too soon.

I wouldn’t want the NCAAT to always be in Indy, but the concept of playing off the games in one general location has some benefits, going forward (I am sure they won’t do it). Since they won’t even consider a city the size of Little Rock for the 1st and 2nd round games anymore, I wouldn’t mind going “all in” and just put them all at one location every year.

I am not sure how many locations could handle it. but I wouldn’t have picked out Indy as a place that could handle it before COVID and clearly it can.

One thing they claim they DO NOT DO but somehow always seems to happen is the interesting matchups… something like former coach against previous team, one coach from the others coaching tree, or rematches from the previous seasons where there were upsets, etc; things of that nature.

So with geography taken out of the mix, as said above it should be a pure seed with the only excuse to move a team so as not to match conference foes too early. So if the “interesting matchups” do occur and there is no reason to have shifted teams that way, it will just be more fuel for the premise that they tinker to get particular games.

The sad thing though, is without true transparency from the NCAA Selection committee (they do like to keep their secrets) we will still only be able to guess if it was a pure seed or not.

If there’s a way for the hogs to have a path to play N Carolina it may not be a good thing. I have always thought they pretty much push for matchups that will increase TV ratings.

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