NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2017

Team Rankings has the Hogs as a 7 seed. Team Rankings is Betting/Sports Predictions site. … cketology/
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I think if we advance further than SC in SECT we will get the 7 seed in Tulsa. If we don’t, we will be a 10,9,8 depending on who we lose to. And if by somehow we win the whole thing the. Maybe we could become a 6

FWIW, Bracket Matrix has us as the highest 9 seed, barely behind Northwestern for an 8.

Glad to see Northwestern will finally get into the Dance, since the very first NCG was actually held in their gym. We’re 78 years later and NU has still never gotten a dance card. Until, it appears, this year.

Chris Collins is a good coach and his team earned it. Glad to see them get in. They ran into a Wisconsin team today that played a little angry and lost.
As for our hogs it would have been nice to be talking about a higher seed but we are in! No matter where we go. I just hope we win a couple in the SEC tournament and are able to win at least one in the Dance.
Matchups will be what determines if we can win anymore games than that.
All of you are right about the Missouri loss hurting us for a higher seed. We could add the Miss ST loss to that and it was at home!

Northwestern didn’t play Wisconsin today. Minnesota played Wisconsin, and yes, they ran into a Badger buzzsaw. NU had a narrow loss to Purdue this afternoon.

Yes your right. I guess I’ve watched to many games. And got mixed up. Wisconsin needed that win. They were on a akid.

Your guys are right about the Missouri loss costing us a higher seed in the Dance, but with that loss and then the I’m feeling sorry for myself loss to Vandy may have been what we needed to regain focus. We have been a better team since those losses than we were before them,if it’s possible those two losses came at the right time if its possible to lose at the right time. If we had lost those two games last week instead of 3 weeks ago we would be in terrible situation headed in to the Sec tournament. Every team goes on the road now and we are a very good road team, if we figure out how to be energized at the beginning of the game as we do the second half we will be a tough out. If I had the opportunity to change one thing on the way we play it would be to have continual motion by all the players in half court offense. It seems we dribble the ball way to much instead of passing the ball quickly and moving, with the exception of Trey Thompson who has become a huge asset to this team with his passing and has begun to get very aggressive of late down low on both ends of the court. After our dominating performance against the Bulldogs we go in to tournament play with some wind in our sail and with hope of a strong finish! WPS

Comments: If we win the whole think I would think a 5 seed is appropriate,

I don’t see our hogs gaining that much in the SEC tournament. At best with a guess 6 or 7 seed. That’s my opinion.

I don’t see us as climbing any higher than a 7 seed no matter what.

That sounds about right.

Losing first game we are in 9/10 seed range. Winning 1 game probably keeps us at a 8/9 seed range which is where we’re at now. Winning 2 probably 8/7 range, and winning tournament we’re 6/7 range.

Best possible scenario RPI wise would be Friday win against Ole Miss, Saturday win against Florida, Sunday with against Kentucky. I could see a possible 6th seed in that scenario. On rpiforecast that would give us a 21 RPI with 39 SOS. A 26-8 record and being conference champs, would be hard to argue against at least a 6 seed. Did our 2014-15 team have a resume that looked that good to get a 5 seed?

2014-2015 AR 26-8 (SEC Runner up), Final RPI 23, SOS 40, Road 9-6 (counting SECT), Vs Top 50 RPI 5-4, vs RPI 150+ 10-0 - per Warren Nolan

2016-2017 AR 26-8 (winning SECT), Final RPI 21, SOS 39, Road 8-5 (11-5 SECC), Vs Top 50 RPI 5-6 (7-6 SECC), vs RPI 150+ 10-1 - per ESPN

whoa you and dusty jumping the gun makes me real nervous. we still could face a mizzou or auburn misfortune to sweat out selection Sunday if we aren’t aren’t on our a game.

Whoa, was asked how they compared, based off what he said.

I think we have a good draw in the SECT.

We are safe.

As I noted in another thread, a loss to Misery on Friday would drop our RPI to 43 per RPI Wizard. Losing to Auburn, 39; OM, 38. I think we’d be safe at 43, but I’d be a little nervous Sunday evening. Better to win Friday and remove all doubt.

Win that first game! We do have 2 bad losses. No other at large team will have a loss as bad as our Missouri loss! If so I haven’t figured it out.
Auburn would be playing 3 days straight, or Missouri. They would be really tired! They may be able to guard a fence post. If we were to get beat by either team we should be in trouble. Ole Miss on the other hand has problems of their own. Burnett
Is a game time decision for them.
I want to see how we look playing on back to back days. I’m going to watch those games Wednesday as long as they are close.
I appreciate being able to see all of your thoughts.

I agree. From what I have read, the only safe teams have an RPI of 25 or better. And, although most teams with an RPI of 26 to 35 will be in the NCAAT, the selection committed is unpredictable; you never be be certain of what they will do.