NCAA title trivia

Came across this earlier today. Three California schools have more than 100 NCAA team national titles, led by Stanford with 128. Nobody else is close to 100.

Which of these non-Cali schools is not in the top eight on the NCAA natty list?

Oklahoma State
Penn State

Please let it be Texas

Gotta be LSU…

No, I think LSU has more natty’s than we do, not sure what sport, but I think they lead the SEC

I will tell you that we would be one spot higher on the natty list if not for the two track titles vacated because of the Lance Brauman mess. Also football doesn’t count for us, Alabama or anyone else in FBS because it’s not an official NCAA championship.

Then it has to be Alabama, if football nattys, real or claimed, don’t count.

Even if football counted, Bama wouldn’t be in the top 20 of most nattys.

Answer coming at noon Eastern.

I’d guess LSU.

Is this combined titles, both men and women?

Yep, combined.

I’m going to guess – Arkansas.

Once I give the answer I’ll do an SEC breakdown and men vs. women breakdown.

No. Our national titles in track & cross country alone put us way up in the pecking order. We also have one in basketball.

I’m thinking that all those schools have a lot of national titles, but Louisiana State likely has the fewest.

The most popular guess is also the correct guess. LSU is ninth on the natty list, just outside the top eight (North Carolina is eighth). But it’s close. UNC has 46, LSU has 44, and lost one on a rules violation in women’s track.

The SEC list:
Arkansas 48 (two taken away). We’re seventh on the list.
Florida 37
Georgia 31
Tennessee 16
Auburn 14
A&M 13
Kentucky 13
Bama 10
Vandy 5
Poultry 4
Misery 2
Ole Miss 1
Moo U 1

SEC to be:
Texass 50. We’d be tied with them if those track titles were restored, which ain’t happening.
Mobilehoma 32

Okie Lite leads the non-California schools with 52 titles, all in men’s sports. 34 wrestling and 11 golf pump up their total.

The top ten: Stanford, UCLA, USC, Okie Lite, Penn State, Texass, Arkansas, UNC, LSU, Michigan.

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