NCAA softball scores

First round of the tournament today, with of course Hogs vs Princeton at 5 p.m. Not gonna try to keep up with all 32 first round games but focus on the SEC

One in progress:
Liberty 2, Georgia 0, fourth inning at Dook. Georgia got two on in the bottom of the third but couldn’t score

Later on:
Misery State at Misery
La-La vs Auburn
Chattanooga at Bama
Canisius at Florida
Miami(O) vs. Kentucky
USF vs. Moo U’
Minny vs TAM
Campbell at Tennessee
LMU vs Ole Miss
San Diego St. vs. LSU

One game already over; Michigan beat South Dakota State 2-1.

Liberty got a two-run homer in the top of the 1st against UGa and made it hold up. 2-0 final.

Liberty lost to the Hogs on their home field 14-9 in early March, by the way. We got 7 earned runs off the pitcher that shut Jawja down today.

Misery and Misery State underway, no score in the third inning at CoMo.

Not SEC, but Virginia Tech got a no-hitter/17-K pitching performance from Keely Rochard in a 4-0 win over St. Francis (there are only 21 outs in a regulation softball game).

Auburn is leading La-La 3-2, Misery up 2-1 on Misery State, and Bama just underway against Chattanooga.

I noticed Princeton and few other teams in the tournament had tied games during the season

Anyone know the tie (or tiebreaker) rules for college softball?

They play extra innings to completion. I assume that Princeton’s tie was due to either weather or darkness, if they don’t have lights.

I looked it up on their website. They had one tie at home, one on the road; neither field had lights, and they quit when it got dark. In both cases it was the second game of a Wednesday afternoon doubleheader.

Most likely.

The Bama game is in the fourth, so it’s moving along nicely.

SEC finals so far

Liberty 2, Georgia 0
Hogs 11, Princeton 0
Bama 3, Chattanooga 0
Misery 3, Mo State 1
Aggies 5, Minny 1
Kentucky 15, Miami(O) 1
Auburn 4, La-La 3

Florida 10, Canisius 1
USF 4, Miss. St. 0
Tennessee 9, Campbell 1
LMU 4, Mississippi 2
SDSU 10, LSU 5

And in the bracket opposite us…

#13 Washington 9, Lehigh 2
Texas 6, Weber St. 0

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So SEC went 8-4 in the first day. Most other leagues won’t win 8 games total.

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