NCAA soccer vs NW State

Taylor Malham puts the first shot of the night in the onion bag in the fourth minute!
Hogs 1-0.

Sounds like a good crowd. They let the first 500 students in free according to Twitter.

I’m a wuss. It’s cold in NWA tonight (40° at 6:50) and I’m watching from home, all of about 12 blocks away. Thank you SEC network +.

Just remembered. I covered the Hogs’ NCAA second round loss to Virginia Tech (who could be in Fayetteville next weekend) in 2018. One of my post-match interviews was with Taylor Malham. Sure didn’t think she’d still be in the UA lineup 36 months later

2-0!!! Emilee Hauser from just inside the box in the 19th minute

3-0! Anna Podojil on the header from Parker Goins!

@Baumbastic_Hawg ….Marty I’ll speculate that if it was baseball you would be bundled up at Baum… :rofl:


:bell: :bell: :bell:


4-0! Ava Tankersley off IR and into the scorebook.

And sure enough, Virginia Tech beat tOSU 3-1. Rematch with the Hokies at Razorback Field next week assuming we can hang on to a 4-goal lead.

4-0 at halftime. I suspect I can turn my attention to USA-Mexico a little later safely.

5-1 final. Next weekend against the Hokies in round 2.

I kept hearing booms, it took a minute for me to realize that it was fireworks from the soccer field.

Congratulations ladies!

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Lots of fireworks from the soccer fields on the Bama campus a few minutes ago. Are they in the NCAAs also? If so, they musta won

Yes, Fred, Bama beat Clemson 1-0. Match was at Clemson though.

Duke scored with 16 seconds left to beat Old Dominion 1-0.

Ole Miss lost to Saint Louis 2-1.

UCLA, the 2 seed in their bracket, is trailing the Irvine Anteaters 1-0 late in their match.

UCLA lost and so goes the last of the undefeated:

the bracket thus far

strange that they shot fireworks at Bama soccer field though

Yeah a little, but you live in a strange town, Fred.

Irvine was #110 in RPI. UCLA was #13. NW State was #153. I suspect the Anteaters got sent to Westwood because of geography, not because they were a 15 seed or something

there are a lot of pissed people that it is geographical bracketing this year, not a meritocracy. Fortunate somewhat for us.

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