NCAA soccer: Tiger High vs Moo U

At Razorback Field. Winner will play Hogs-Buckeyes winner on Sunday.

Memphis just scored on a free kick in the 24th minute to take a 1-0 lead.

It’s on ESPN+ if you want to watch.

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I know some would like the opportunity to avenge our early-season loss to the Leghumpers, but Tiger High is a much better matchup for us (despite the fact they’re playing well of late). :crossed_fingers:

And in the other match of significance…

LSU up early on FSU! :grin:

Geaux Tigers! :+1:

1-0 Memphis at halftime.

Could our path to the College Cup be Ohio State, Moo U and the Corndogs?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: maybe

Our path to the College Cup could lie entirely at home! :sunglasses:

The answer to your question and the answer to mine are almost identical, although Memphis could win tonight and LSU could lose Sunday even if they win tonight.

However, Free Shoes has tied it up.

2-0 Tiger High in the 53rd minute. Nice 20-yard strike.

Moo U looks terrible. Can’t make simple passes. Perhaps thinking about the weather more than anything else.

Still 1-1 at Tallahassee, late first half.

3-0 Memphis in the 60th minute. Beat the MSU keeper to a loose ball in the box and poked it home.

Stick a fork in the Leghumpers, I believe.

FSU takes a 2-1 lead in the 51st minute, tapping in a rebound from about six inches out.

3-1 in the 54th minute, heading in a corner.

Memphis is still up 3-0 on MissStake.

4-0 Memphis in the 83rd minute.

And that’s the final. Tigers vs. Hogs/Buckeyes Sunday evening.

FSU 4, LSU 1, final. FSU plays Pitt on Sunday. We want the Panthers to win.

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