NCAA Seed Question

OK guys here’s the question:

If 1-8 Seed you should host Super regardless IF you win regional. But we all know a couple of top 8 seeds will lose their regional.

I have read they are seeding 1-16 this year vs only 1-8 like in the past.

If Hogs are say the 9 or 10 seed, and two seeds lose above them, do the Hogs get to host Super replacing the one or two teams who lost in front of them? Or is it like in the past where regionals are paired against each other and whomever the lucky 9-16 seed team that is paired with the top 8 seed that lost gets to host?


The brackets are set from the get-go

If a 1-8 seed loses their Regional, and the top seed in the matches regional wins, that winner hosts the Super.

If both 1seeds in paired Regionals lose, the NCAA awards the Super according to bids

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if that has changed since they have changed the seeding formats.

Just more pressure every game!!!

Go Hogs

Yes, it is. I’m not sure how high our seeding potential is, but the higher we get the better. I don’t think we could get as high as #2 without some total collapses in front of us & we going undefeated, or maybe losing once, all the way through Hoover. I don’t foresee either happening. However, I think #4 is quite doable.

This presents something of a dilemma in my mind about Hoover. I’d like to do well, but I sure hate wasting pitching. I’m sure all these guys are tired this late in the season. Even with a week’s rest I’m not sure how easy it is for a pitcher to recover for a long outing.

We have the pitching & the hitting (and it seems now the fielding) to get to Omaha. Still need some luck, but we have a team capable of getting there & even winning it all. So, do we need to go deep in Hoover to help our seeding & our odds of drawing weaker regional & super opponents, do we hope to win the west & almost lose all interest past maybe 2-3 wins in Hoover?

Another way too early question: do we pitch Knight the first night against a 60-type seed or save him? There’s something to be said for going with our Sunday starters first & then using Knight & Murphey in what we’d hope to be a 3 game regional sweep. On the other hand, I watched our game against Grambling. Riendl pitched great, but we were fortunate to win that game. Grambling won’t sniff the NCAAT. I guess the better plan is to keep our rotation & hope by the time we get to the third game, our opponent will be scrambling with it’s 4th day pitchers. Oh well, like I said, it’s way too early.