NCAA says mean things about Kansas

“Egregious” and “severe” violations. If they’re planning to let Billy Self skate they’re hiding it well.

The crux of the case is essentially that Adidas, through its financial support of the Prairie Chickens program, is a KU booster. Since one of the things that makes you a booster is making financial contributions to the program, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable definition.

When do you think they’ll get around to “strong ass offer,” Mi$$ $t., and sir-sweats-a-lot at Auburn?

It’s entirely possible they’ve already given LSU the NOA and LSU has chosen not to release it. Same with Auburn and Arizona. So far Moo U hasn’t appeared on any wiretaps or witness transcripts. I would think someone would have an open records request in Baton Rouge waiting on it but maybe not, since nobody in Louisiana cares about basketball.

KU and Jeff Long stand firmly behind Coach Self. Hmmm. Guess that’s the status quo at this stage. Have to wait and see who if anybody abandons that stance first.

The next step in this process is for the NCAA and Kansas to agree on a hearing date with the Committee on Infractions. That date is not yet known, as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the timeline of NCAA cases across the board.

If this had occured a decade ago Kansas would have already fired and replaced Bill Self with say Danny Manning (his probable dream job) while serving a yet to be determained banned from future tournament appearances and severely handicapped in recruiting.

I believe the Jayhawks are hoping their blue-blood status nets them a similar outcome as North Carolina.

Make no mistake if Kansas is indeed hammered their will be a domino effect at Arizona. None blue-bloods Auburn & LSU (Football Schools) would probably prepare for what’s coming down the pipeline.

Jeff Long probably has as much control over Bill Self as he had over Bobby Petrino. In other words, Self does exactly what he wants.

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It may not go to the COI. They have a new process that is basically an independent arbitrator, called the Independent Accountability Resolution, designed for more complex cases. Memphis is already in it in the James Wiseman case. NC State is also headed that way. The interesting thing about IAR is that there is no appeal. What the independent review panel says is the final word.

Of course, the NCAA being what it is, it’s incredibly complex:

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Good point southpaw…Long obviously had zero control of CBP considering all the things we know now. Any supervisor would never allow someone that reports to them hire their girlfriend for a job she was not qualified to perform. So either Long was incompetent or CBP had more power. Probably both.

Interesting that Long is “standing by his man” this go around… of course if the roof caves in around KU, Self is fired, sanctions applied and the team doesn’t make an NCAA tourney as a Top Four seed; Long will be unemployed again.

As I recall, when Long was hired at KU, there was a provision that if KU went on probation in basketball for stuff that happened before he was hired (which this did), he would have more time added to his contract. So he has no incentive not to go all in with Self from a job standpoint.

See the third paragraph of this story:

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I don’t see any direct evidence to nail Self. If Kansas stands with Self, he will skate out of this free.

Why wouldn’t Kansas stand with Self?

Guess that whole “integrity” thing is situational… like when the situation is you’re wanting to make a name for yourself at Arkansas’ expense, not the situation where you’ve already wrecked one program playing that card and wouldn’t personally benefit doing it again. When it comes to “integrity”, Jeff is all about Jeff.

They already have him on failure to maintain control of his assistant. Remember the HC is responsible if an assistant is a bad boy.

I know but unless NCAA mandates that he be fired, I am not sure Kansas will do it without direct evidence.

PJ, do you honestly think the head coach doesn’t know what’s going on in his program? Stick your head in the sand Bill! It very well may work. Cheaters abound!

Plausible deniability. Been going in basketball and politics for ages.

Historically assistant coaches take the fall.

Bill absolutely knew what was going on Jerry and I think he even directed the assistant coaches to do it. But what I am speculating is what Kansas is going to do based on what I see Kansas administration say. I don’t see them doing it unless there is a smoking gun pointing directly at Self.

Now there are examples of schools firing head coaches without direct evidence of the head coach directing the misdeeds. But LSU hasn’t done it, Auburn hasn’t done it. I see Kansas playing that card of head coach being unaware of the payment,

Louisville did it. Pitino claimed he didn’t know about the hookers in the dorm, they fired him anyway.

I would not look at Auburn as any kind of example of how to handle an NCAA violation. How to commit one is another matter. They have vast experience in that area.

Yes, Louisville is one of those examples I mentioned. But Pitino had built up some negatives with the sex scandal and then the stripper scandal generated such bad press and public pressure, they had no choice. But they had stayed with Pitino through some bad stuff. In fact he had earned the tag of “Teflon man”.

Again, Kansas may do it, but my money is on Kansas not doing it. Plus Jeff Long has learned that firing a coach gives you some short term accolades but long term it is suicidal. Let’s see what happens.