NCAA Rules`

NCAA rule
This NCAA rule is still in place, allows institution to count back to previous classes.
Most likely Ole Miss and Texas A&M both will sign over 25, with the number in excess of 25 being counted back to the 2018 recruiting class.

This a guess on why Arkansas doesn’t take advantage of this rule and sign over 25.
Academic Progress Rate (APR)

I believe this could be Arkansas’ own rule or policy for the University. I think this is to prevent coaches from getting rid of or running off to many players.

This could be because of this nasty APR rule. When an institution APR score drops below 930 for a single year they lose their post season eligibility.

Everyone probably remembers the debacle when Arkansas basketball APR score drop down to 855.

Doubtful… … pr-report/

You tell me why Arkansas isn’t able to count anyone back to the 2018 recruiting classes.

Tell me the last time Arkansas used this rule. I don’t remember NCAA rule being used in the last eight or ten years.

In fact CBP was on the brink of losing post season eligibility when he was fired. CBP 11-12 recruiting classes only had about 50% retention rare.

I don’t believe Arkansas counted anyone back during CBB time at Arkansas. I think this policy has been in effect for the last eight or ten years.

I’ll ask and report back.

Next time we talk to Coach Morris is Saturday after the scrimmage

Bielema gave enough walk on scholarships that he never had room in the 85 to count anyone back. It will be interesting to hear what the answer is on this subject.

This was due mostly because of CBP, the retention rate of11-12 recruiting classes was only about %50.

Ncaa rule
An institution must have full roster of 85 players at the begining of the academic year in order to have the option of bring in any midterm enrollees. CBB was having to give scholarships to underclassman such as Scottie Thurman Jr. in order to have this option. CBB was paying the price for poor recruiting by CBP.