NCAA replays vs. SEC replays

I spent a while today looking into the replay system in the NCAA Tournament. Even if replay had been in place last night, it would not have been able to review the apparent missed call at first base because NCAA-sanctioned replays differ greatly from the experimental expanded replay used this year by the SEC. … egular-se/

Absolutely crazy not to be able to look at outs on bases they most often make or break an inning

This came into play in the eighth inning of last night’s game between Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. It looked like an MSU runner might have been out at third base, which would have been the final out of the eighth inning, but he was called safe and replay was not available. He eventually scored the go-ahead run.

Dave Hart on the ESPN broadcast made the comment that the play would have been reviewable during the regular season at Vanderbilt but could not be reviewed. Kyle Peterson, correctly, said that was ridiculous and that plays at the bases need to be reviewable in NCAA games.